Wi-Fi Connections

Connect AIS, Sonar, Wind, Compass and external GPS

Aqua Map is capable to connect to external boat devices (AIS, Depth, Wind, Compass, GPS) and use their data into the app. To do this you need to have a Wi-Fi gateway or a device able to connect via Wi-Fi and transmitting NMEA0183 or Signal-K (only for iOS) data.
There are many gateway/devices with this capability, at the bottom of the page you can find a list of them that have been specifically tested with Aqua Map.

Setup a connection

From the general Settings page you can open the Wi-Fi connections Settings page.
Pressing the upper right "+" button in this page will allow to add a new connection.
Tapping an existing connection name will allow to modify the existing parameters.


This will open the Connection Settings page, here you can select from a list of pre-defined devices/manufacturers and the app will automatically set the default parameters for these devices.


If your device is not in the list or in case you did some manual setup on your device (so not using the default connection parameters), tap on "Enter manually" and insert the protocol used (TCP, UDP), the IP address (if needed) and the Port of your device.
NOTE: in case you receive Depth data, it will appear a new row allowing to enter the Transducer offset (this value will be added to the Depth data received.)


Once the connection is completed, a list of the available sensors will be displayed and you will be able to define which to use with Aqua Map.
NOTE: other than selecting which data to use in Aqua Map, in case you have multiple devices sending the same type of info you can also select which device to use.


External data in the app

When you connect to an external device you can use in the app the boat sensors data and each "type" of data has its own use and behaviour. This is the map screen with (on the left side) all the possible external data boxes (expect AIS).


Tested units:

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