Tides & Currents

Over 5800 Tides and Currents stations in USA and around 1000 in Canada: the largest list of position where you can predict tides or currents.

Great graphic experience for a realtime tide and current prediction.

Everytime you will see on the screen one of these icons, a realtime Tide or Current prediction is in progress.

Let's explain the meaning of the icon content.
Tides icon:

On the left you will see a rising tide of 0.3 ft, while on the right a falling tide of 0.2 ft.
NOTE: sometime the number is red that means it is a negative tide.

Current icon:

On the left you will see a rising current of 1.9 knots, while on the right a falling current of 1 knot.

As far as the current icons, you may see some of them are semi-transparent . That means the current prediction is at a certain depth.

Tapping on the Tide or Current icon you will open a popup window like this:

- Clicking on the left icon you will start a prediction simulation over all the Tides and Currents icons on the screen.

Tides and Currents

Moving the slider

you will simulate the prediction along the selected day. You can tap on the arrows to move to the next or previous day, or you can tap on the day to select a date and time.

- Clicking on the center you will access the Map Information page listing all the objects available in the tapped position.

- Clicking on the right icon you will access the selected Tide or Current detailed page.

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